Canon 40D

All of the internet gossip has been confirmed, as Canon finally drops official word on its newest offering, the Canon 40D. I’ve been stashing my pennies away for the 1D MKIII, but I think a small dose of reality is starting to set it. By in large, I don’t get paid much for any of my work. I think it’s time to reality check dropping $4500 on a camera. The Canon 40D has a list of IMPRESSIVE features, and will probably hold its own on 90% of the work I do.

My name has just been added to wait list for one of these bad boys at Pro Photo Supply, in Portland, OR!

Canon EOS 40D, previewed

As anticipated Canon has today announced the successor to the hugely popular EOS 30D digital SLR. Enter the EOS 40D, headline improvements are a more robust build with weather-proofing, ten megapixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC III and 1D style menus, 6.5 fps continuous shooting, three custom user modes on mode dial, 3.0″ LCD monitor, Live View with optional mirror-drop auto-focus, larger brighter viewfinder with interchangeable focusing screens, much shorter viewfinder blackout and a quieter mirror mechanism, a all new AF system with all nine points cross-type with F5.6 or faster lens and a new optional combo vertical / WiFi grip. UPDATED: Detailed preview posted.

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