Hello, Canon 40D!

Got a call today from Pro Photo Supply in Portland, OR telling me that my Canon 40D is now in stock. Quick trip downtown, and the camera is now in-hand! I’m glad I got my name on the waiting list, as there were several people in the store checking out the display. On several occasions, I heard over my shoulder, “sorry, but we don’t have any in stock”.

Fav’s: 10.1MP (cropping and big prints); compact and lightweight (compared to 1D), HUGE 3.0″ display (with zoom on playback! – not found on 1D); controls and menus very similar to 1-series, pop-up flash (not found on 1D); user defined shooting modes (nice to have HDR bracketing ready to go at a moment’s notice); battery lasts FOREVER; I can choose battery grip or no-battery grip depending on how big I want the camera to be

Hates: my 1GB CF card holds only 70 shots; my semi-wide angle lenses (28mm) are no longer semi-wide angle (1.6x crop compared to 1.3x); no ai-servo focus sensitivity adjustments; no battery grip included (yeah, that one is a stretch)

All in all, I’m really excited about this camera!

More to come, I’m sure!

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