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40D Back in Action!

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Pro Photo called today to let me know my Canon 40D was ready to be picked up after being repaired by Canon. The service note included was ridiculously inadequate “cleaned affected parts/works fine”. That’s it. I’m wondering what parts go so dirty after three months that the camera would stop working? Before sending it in, I did the basic cleaning of the lens contacts (which showed no signs of dirt anyway), to no avail. I’m a little scared that I’m going to have to send this thing back in periodically for the same issue. I’m not sure what I need to change about my use to prevent this from happening again. This could get expensive after warranty runs out, not to mention I’d be SCREWED if this would have happened at one of my paid gigs out of town.

Also, the camera was missing the battery I included in shipping. Luckily Pro Photo handled this VERY well, and just handed me a brand new battery off the shelf. Feeling a little disenchanted with Canon right now. 150,000 shutter actuations my ass.