TI’s Picoprojectors Start Production

This has got to be the coolest technology I’ve seen in a long, long time. TI apparently has been working on DLP “pico projectors” that are slated to make their way into cell phones by late 2008. Simply AWESOME.

From CrunchGear:

TI’s DLP picoprojectors are real and have started production

Remember those microprojector chips TI was working on? The ones that could potentially implant tiny DLP picoprojectors into mobile phones? They’ve entered production and should “hit the street”, as we bloggers say, sometime in the middle of this year. That means they might — just might — make it into production models in time for the Xmas season.

You know you want to project video from your iPhone. I know I do.

Texas Instruments’ Pico chipsets go into production – projection coming to mobile phones in 2008? [Tech Digest]

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