NW Rocky Point Road

It’s once again been a LONG time since I’ve posted here, and what better way to get back in action than a Corvette photo.  Here is a quick shot off of NW Rocky Point Rd, in Portland, OR.  Starts off a little rough, but a great shot through some twisties once you get started.  This was a three exposure HDR blend through Photomatix and Photoshop.

Pit Stop

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7 Responses to “NW Rocky Point Road”

  1. Niiiice! I’m totally jealous. 🙂

  2. MIke Boatman says:

    Way Cool shot!! Very nicy the added photoshop work rocks. Just had to one-up me with the car.
    Your photography is PRO welcome to the very small club. Check out APA for help finding that niche.

    APA is the top 10% of commercail shooters. I’m renewing my membership to help with the learning curve of a new market.


  3. geoff says:

    Mike – The only Photoshop work here was some leveling and sharpening. The rocks were laying on the road next to car when I took the photo!

  4. nice! love the reflections you caught

  5. nice! love the reflections you caught

  6. Ótima foto.

  7. Ótima foto.