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Portland Cityscape HDR

Portland Cityscape HDR

I’d have to say that this is probably my most successful HDR endeavor to date.  I’m finally getting the hang of properly bracketing to capture the entire tonal range of the image, and then blending and toning the final product.

East Waterfront – Steel Bridge, Rose Garden, Convention Center Towers:


East Waterfront – Burnside Bridge, West Waterfront:


US Bank Tower: West Downtown Area


HDR of the VA Hospital

I guess I would consider this my first “successful” HDR image. I have still have ALOT to learn, but I successfully combined three exposures (hand held!) and did an *ok* job toning. I also had a fun tram ride up the hill with my son!

VA Hospital HDR

Hawthorne Bridge

One of my favorite bridges – the Hawthorne in downtown Portland.