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Gaylord Opryland

While on a business trip at Gaylord Opryland Resort and ConventionCenter, in Nashville, TN.

Under majestic, climate-controlled glass atriums, you’ll be surrounded by nine acres of lush indoor gardens, winding rivers and pathways, and sparkling waterfalls where you can unwind, explore, shop, dine, and be entertained to your heart’s content. Highlights include a 44-foot waterfall, laser-light and fountain shows, and tours aboard our Delta Flatboats – right inside the hotel.

During the day, ALOT of people were constantly wandering around (ruiningshots!), and the overcast skyprovided pretty flat light through the hugeglass ceiling. Things changed at night, however ;) . These pictures were taken in DARK areas with long exposure times. What made this even more tricky was my lack of a tripod ;) .

Upper Willamette

A sunset shot upriver near Charbonneau, after a long day on the water:

Upper Willamette Sunset

Pirahnas in the Mist

A hand-held shot of Luke and Brian’s Pirahna tank: